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Urinary Disorders

Large Cyst on Kidney



I have a large exophytic cyst 5.01 CM x4.19 CM x 7.47cm. Kidney measures 11.27CM x 4057CM x 4.29CM. Can this cause dull aching pain in the back flank area? Is there any medical treatment for this? I am a 55 year old white female in excellent health.


Renal cysts are common findings nowadays due to increase radiographic studies such as CAT scan. Renal cyst are benign conditions unless they cause compression of adjusting organs. Sometimes they could be associated with malignant tumors. Over all renal cysts need to be followed for changes occur in size and configuration. There is no medical therapy for this condition. Less invasive procedures such as aspiration of the cyst with injection of different adhesive substances such as Tetracycline have had some success. Best treatment for symptomatic cysts remain removal of the cyst wall by laparoscopic approach.

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