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Yesterday I took diabetes check test. The results are as under: Blood Sugar Fasting 112.0 mg High 65-110 mg Normal Blood Sugar PP 110.0 mg upto 130 mg (True Glucose by Enzymatic Auto-Analyser Technique). My question is " Is it alright to have blood sugar PP less than the blood sugar fasting?" and the reasons for such results. What precautions I have to take in such case?


It looks like you are reporting one result with two normal ranges shown on the report depending on the circumstances of the testing.  It depends on whether the blood sugar was drawn fasting, at a specific time in relation to a meal or at a random time of the time (or if you know the timing of the blood sample)?  If you actually had 2 blood samples drawn, I would need a clearer indication of what the 2 different results are and their timing.  

A laboratory blood glucose of 112, if drawn fasting, would fall into the category of impaired fasting glucose, implying some increased risk for future diabetes whereas if it was drawn non-fasting, it may be normal.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati