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Huntington's Disease

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my question is my grandma and aunt and we think my other aunt has huntington . my mother is 49 this year does that mean she don`t have it. my brother has been tested and does not have the gene. so if my mom 49 would she already.


From your question, it sounds as though your grandmother and at least one aunt both have Huntington's disease. I am assuming that this aunt is one of your mother's sisters. If I understand your question, it sounds as though your mother does not have signs of Huntington's disease and is 49 years old and you want to know if it is still possible that she could develop signs of Huntington's disease.

Although there is a correlation of the age of onset of HD symptoms with the size of the genetic mutation for HD, the correlation is not perfect. Sometimes a member in the same family does not develop signs of the disease until a much older age than other family members. Therefore, if your mother's mother had HD, your mother still has a 50-50 chance of developing symptoms of Huntington's disease.

The fact that your brother tested negative for the gene does not rule out the possibility that your mother might still have the gene defect.

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