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Eye and Vision Care

RE: Eye problems



I don`t have double vision so will prisms work the same way?

Previous Question: I only use one eye out of a time and a turn in my eye and that causes me to have problems seeing things in a straight line. I told me eye doctor and he wants me to get the tests done again to see if my eyes have gotten worse. He said that I might have to get prisims in my glasses. When I am at work I use things in column and I can`t get them to line up. I usualy chose the one above the correct one. How might prisms help with that problem?

Answer: When a person`s eyes are not aligned, double vision can result. Prisms placed in front of one or both eyes shift the position of objects. So, for example, if you look through a prism placed in a particular way objects that are above you could be made to look like they are below you. In cases where a person is experiencing double vision, your eye doctor first determines whether prisms are appropriate for you. Next, your eye doctor can determine the strength of the prism and the direction the prism needs to be placed to get the images from the two eyes lined up. That can help to reduce or eliminate the double vision caused by eye misalignment.

Thin sheets of prism can sometimes be attached to a person`s glasses, or the person`s glasses can be made with the prism incorporated.


It is possible to have symptoms such as you describe without obvious double vision. Prisms will also help in some of those cases. Your doctor can describe more specifically the potential benefits of prisms in your situation.

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Nicklaus   Fogt, OD, PhD Nicklaus Fogt, OD, PhD
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