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Vascular Surgery

Pronounced pulse on only one side of neck



For several months I periodically experience a pulsing in my right carotid that is so pronounced I can see the beating and hear it in my right ear. As I said, it is periodic, but I can make it happen by bending my neck to the right. I`m puzzled because it is episodic and isolated to one side. My father, each of my paternal uncles, and one cousin -- all male -- have had aneurysms. I am a healthy 62 year old woman who exercises regularly. I have a total cholesterol level of about 216, but my ratio is good. My blood pressure is normal. I don`t know whether to be concerned about this or to ignore it.


Hello, I would suggest you ask your primary care physician to order a carotid duplex study. There they can give a diameter measurement to determine whether there is an aneurysm present. Good luck!

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