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Dark blood at the start of my period



Yesterday I got some reddish light brown discharge (a very very small amount) during the day so I put in a tampon because it is around the time I am supposed to start my period. That evening, I took out the tampon and it was half covered in dark, dark clots of blood. This has never happened before. I am seventeen years old and a virgin. I thought it would turn to regular blood, but I am now in the second day of this "period" and only very small amounts of blood and mostly dark clotting. What does this mean? I am very worried!!! Thanks!


Clots are normal variations of menstrual periods. If this is the first time, try not to worry. See if your next period goes back to your usual. If not, you may want to see your gynecologist, but it's likely normal.

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Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN
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