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Toddler with abnormal BS levels



My toddler was sent to the ER this week to be treated for dehydration resulting from the stomach flu. His blood sugar was 26 when we arrived. After treatment, it rose to 260. When we left the ER, five hours after the treatment for low blood sugar, his level was still 260. Many of the ER doctors said my son could have diabetes. We had a follow up appointmen with our primary the next afternoon. His BS at the office was 135 (two hours after eating only a yogurt). His doctor still thinks diabetes is unlikely. Do you agree or should I push the issue?? Or could it be another issue?


In both children and adults, acute illnesses, some medications, and several conditions (including diabetes) can sometimes cause abnormal blood glucose test results that do not necessarily predict abnormal results when the intercurrent problem disappears. Although the 260 test result in the hospital was abnormal, the following day's random blood glucose test of 135 is normal.

Your primary care provider is in a good position to evaluate your child's blood glucose test results in relation to your child's past and present health. Assuming that your child has no signs or symptoms of diabetes, it is likely that the illness and it's treatment contributed to the abnormal blood glucose test results.

But if you continue to be concerned, be sure to discuss your concerns with your primary care provider, and/or see a pediatric endocrinologist.

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Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE Nancy J Morwessel, CNP, MSN, CDE
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Diabetes Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati