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Secondary infertility



I am 33 years old, married scince 6 years with one daughter 4.6 years old. try to concieve after one year from my daughter but with no chance. I seek adivce to my doctor who ask to do semen analysis and salpingography after anoher year of ovulatory induction. the salingiography is normal but the semen defect in motility. my husband under go varicocelectomy 3/2007 and after that the semen is normal but again no pregnancy. then doctor decide to do IUI 8 monhes ago but failed without any cause again 3 monhes ago we undergo IUI and positive test for pregnancy, after 40 days I complain from acute abdomen diagnosed as ectopic pregnancy as no sac in uterus, I had laboroscopy to evacuate the pregnancy which diagnose that it is a tubal abortion with no damage in tubules. no adhesion in the abdomen. now what the next step to do to have a baby. is there any chance. thanks


You have a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and have tried multiple cycles of IUI (it is unclear whether this was with clomid or not).  Although you did conceive, unfortunately, this resulted in an ectopic pregnancy.  At this point, you would have the option trying 3-4 cycle of fertility medication + IUI.  If this were not successful, I would probably move directly to IVF (in vitro fertilization).

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