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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Do I worry too much?



For the past month ( a few days a week ), I`ve been having this feeling of being lightheaded. Of course I think the worse and wonder if it could be a brain tumor, I think and worry of this every day... I`ve been to my Dr. and she didn`t seem worried but she agreed ( after my asking )to send me for a cat can which terrifies me even more. I`ve been for a thyroid test and everything was fine. What could be causing this?????


I am unable to answer this type of question over the internet, but let me reassure you that taking your concern to your primary care doctor was the appropriate initial step.  She will work with you to try and diagnose your problem.

Anxiety over medical problems (both real and potential) can lead to a great deal of fear and worry and is a real medical problem in and of itself.  Sometimes the worry and anxiety can get so severe that it interferes with a person's ability to do what they want do in a normal day.  If you are finding your worry is overwhelming, you might want to consider whether you have an anxiety disorder, especially if you find these worries keep recurring. 

Check out some of the weblinks to learn more about anxiety and to see if these descriptions match you.  If you think you might have an anxiety disorder, please talk to your primary care doctor and to a mental health professional.

Good luck.

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