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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Red lumps under tongue



hi, i was wondering if you could answer my question about the lumps under my tongue. its been irritating me for about a week now and its starting to bother my ears. its red and on the right side is a small lump, that doesn`t bother me. on the left is pretty big and that`s the one the stings. At first, i thought it would go away, just something caught under my tongue. but then after a couple days later i looked under my tongue, because it was bothering me a lot, and found the two lumps. Now, I`m underage. And I`ve looked up so many possible things that it could be. Even mouth cancer but when i saw the picture of what could be, it wasn`t the same. It sort of looked like the lump under, but my lump is red and swollen and the lump on the picture is a light pink and a little white. I told my parents and they said they will take me to the doctors, but i really want to know what it is because i`m worried now. What is it? And is it serious?


Hello - It sounds like your parents are on the right track.

Sometimes when our bodies are fighting the cold/flu, our glands will swell and become tender but it should go away as you begin to feel better. (Usually a week - 10 days) There are also many normal anatomical "lump-like" things under your tongue or in the floor of your mouth and only your physician or dental professional can tell you for sure what it is after they have had a chance to examine you.

I would definitely go to the doctor to have this checked out. That way he/she can rule out any type of pathology or cancer and you can rest easier.

Thanks for your question. Please drop me a note to let me know how you are doing!

Second Response:  Wendy J. Moore, RDH, EFDA, BS, MS

It is good that you told your parents and they are making an appointment to get it checked. It could be many things; however, you are correct that most oral cancers are white or dark red/brown and yours is not, so that is a good sign. You are also young, which is a good sign. It could even be a blocked salivary duct which are very common.

Your dentist or physician can both look and feel the area. There are also oral surgeons and oral pathologists that are the experts on all mouth things. In Ohio, Ohio State has a great team as do most dental schools and larger hospitals.

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Susan   Bauchmoyer, RDH, EFDA,  MS Susan Bauchmoyer, RDH, EFDA, MS
Associate Professor – Clinical, Clinic Director
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University

Wendy  J Moore, RDH, EFDA, BS, MS Wendy J Moore, RDH, EFDA, BS, MS
Clinical Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University