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Baby reaction to Gerber stage 1 carrots



Hi I was feeding my 5mth old son rice cereal and stage 1 carrots. He has had rice cereal before with no problems. While feeding he was alert and playful. After about 6 spoons of the carrots he suddenly bobbed his head and looked like he was in a trance. I kept calling his name but his eyes open were unresponsive. I was nervous thinking he may be having some type of seizure. He was not red, did not have difficulty breathing, no signs of respiratory distress, just in an instant went from alert to a trance like state. Do you have any idea what would cause this? It lasted for about 5 minutes and then he was back to normal alert and responsive. It was not the same reaction as when he is tired .


This is a most unusual response. I am not sure what it represented It is not a classical allergic reaction. As a precaution you should avoid carrots but be on the alert for similar reactions in the future after other newly introduced foods.

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