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Rugae soreness after implant crowns



The rugae on the roof of my mouth have been sore and irritated following the placement of crowns (in January 2009) over two implants, one on each side (molars #3 and #14). The soreness is both on the sides, by the molars, as well as behind my front teeth. I had no soreness before the crowns and no trouble at all with the implants (Zimmer). Could I be allergic to the crown material? I have numerous other (non-implant) crowns that have caused no problems. I have wondered if I was suddenly sensitive to my toothpaste, and have tried switching brands, as well as using no toothpaste at all, but the soreness continues. It feels as if the roof of my mouth has been scalded, as if I had eaten something hot, all the time.

I brought this up with my dentist, and he could find no explanation for it, saying the tissue looked healthy.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


You give a very good history and it sounds like you have tried to rule out some of the correct things. The history, in your case, seems to suggest that the implants are somehow involved. However, having done over 20,000 implants here at Ohio State since 1985, I don't recall ever having anyone else relate the symptoms that you describe in association with implant surgery.

Nonetheless, my recommendation would for you to see an oral surgeon to rule out that one of the implants is somehow impinging on a nerve (although this would be extremely rare for #3 and #14). An oral surgeon may consider using currently available Cone Beam CT imaging to help here (A 3D x-ray).

You might also see an oral pathologist to further evaluate other reasons for "burning mouth syndrome" including allergy to the crown material. One relatively simple way to test the latter problem would be to take the crowns back out and see if the problem again disappears. Good luck.

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Ed A McGlumphy, DDS, MS Ed A McGlumphy, DDS, MS
Professor of Restorative/Prosthetic Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University