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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Pain - Is It or Could it Be?



After a tramatic fall a few months ago involving broken ribs and a punctuerd lung I am still having pain in some of the related areas as the kidneys. A friend said I need to watch the kidneys for many signs due to the pain including urine smell, frequency and color. The pain is the right quad mid way down to the bottom of the ribs. The pain is located in the front, back & side. A very constant ache but very sensitive to movement and to the touch. Just curious if I should be seeing a proffessional about this or if it could just be the ribs still healing and how would I know for sure.


This does not sound to me like the pain is coming from your kidney, although it is possible that you could have bruised your right kidney with your fall.  However, since you're still having pain several months after the fall, it would be a good idea to see someone about this, because you may need imaging studies to determine the extent of damage and to evaluate why the pain (whatever its cause) is persisting for so long.

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