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Skin Cancer

Is Very Loose Skin a Sign of Cancer?



If I pinch my upper eyelid skin, the skin stays stretched out in the pinched shape for about 10 seconds before slowly going back. If I pull my eyelid down, it will hang over my eye. (The skin on my eyelids feel soft and putty like when I do this. And my eyes are puffy in the mornings.) I learned that skin that stays stretched out of shape and does not snap back is called "laxity or hyperelastic" skin. Could this be a sign of skin cancer? Are there any diseases that could cause the upper eyelid skin to be so pliable, almost like putty? I have hyperelastic skin on the back of my hands, but to a lesser degree. Should I show this to my doctor?


This is not a sign of skin cancer. There are some very rare skin diseases that have 'hyperelastic skin' as a symptom. You could see a dermatologist to see if you have any of these diseases.

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Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University