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Menstrual disorder?



I am 18 years old my problem is when i was 11 i had my first period it was normal for about 2 months and then after that it started to come every 2 months, then it started to come twice per year. Recently i haven`t seen my period for a year I went to a doctor and was told to have an ultra sound done to detect if i have cyst, i haven`t done it has yet. last month i took birth control pills and within 3 days of taking it my period came should i continue doing this? I am also concerned i always had unprotected sex with my partner and i never got pregnant. please help me.


It is likely that you are not ovulating regularly. Every month the lining of the uterus prepares for pregnancy. After ovulation, the lining remains thick for two weeks waiting for pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn't happen, the lining is sent a signal to shed. If you don't ovulate, then the lining doesn't get this signal and may only shed irregularly. There are many reasons the ovary fails to ovulate. Thyroid disorders, obesity, stress, and other conditions need to be evaluated. Typically, once any reversible cause is ruled out, treatment is based on desired outcomes. If pregnancy is desired, medication can be used to induce ovulation. If not, hormonal methods to make sure the lining is shed every month is important to prevent overgrowth, heavy or unpredictable bleeding.

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