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Kidney Diseases

Splenda Impact on Kidneys



I`m 47 and have high blood pressure. I take ExForge, Clonidine, and Simvastatin. My last A1C was 5.4 and my last creatine level was 4.6. I was also taking Spironolactone but my doctor stopped it last week because my potassium was getting too high. My BP ranges roughly 130 - 140 over 80 to 85. Can you advise what Splenda does to the kidneys? I use it in most of my food and have seen my kidney function worsen over the past year. I also understand by reading on the web that it causes the kidneys to enlarge and calcify.

My urine now is sudsy and gout has appeared out of nowhere. Can you help me make sense to this?


Sudsy urine can result from proteinuria.

Gout can occur in kidney failure because the kidney cannot unload uric acid as well as a normal kidney.

Splenda is not associated with kidney disease in people. In old toxicology studies it was associated with enlarged and calcified kidneys in the rat. The internet is filled with misleading information. Thanks for stopping at NetWellness.

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