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Unexplained rash



My partner has over the last three weeks come out in a rash which is currently on his torso, arms, legs and buttocks. He says there is very little itching and it is not in his groin area or under his arms, it has however come out on the palm of one of his hands. He believes it is something he is eating, but having visited his GP he is no clearer as to what it is. He feels tired upon waking in the morning, but otherwise has no other symptoms. The rash is not itchy or weeping and is dry. At first I thought it might be chicken pox because of the size of the spots, but because there is no irritation I have ruled that out. However, he does use Coconut Oil as an all over body moisturiser so this might be masking the itching, i.e. acting as an aneasthetic? Could it be an allergy to either haricot beans or portobello mushrooms which he does eat quite a lot of?


Specific diagnoses are not possible over the internet. This rash does not sound as if it was caused by a food. More likely it might be due to an infectious agent, possibly a virus. His primary care physician should investigate that possibility.

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