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Vascular Surgery




My husband is 36 years old. In Febuary 09 his chiropractor suggested that he thought my husband may have a blockage in his leg. Since then my husband has had 4 stents put in and feels no better now than before. He is in constant pain in his legs and feet. He can`t walk for very long before he has to rest. He stopped smoking in feb. he`s on cholesterol medicine, plavix, asprin, muscle relaxers, loritabs, neurapathy medicine and he is also diabetic. His vascular doctor doesn`t see any problems other than 2 blocages in his left leg.. What do you recommend our next step would be?? His doctor basically told him to deal with the pain.. We need help on what to do.. Thankyou


Hello, Good for him that he has stopped smoking - that's wonderful. Constant pain in legs and feet at rest can be from diabetic neuropathy. Some medications can be very beneficial. Ask to have the blood flow checked in the vascular lab to see if the stents are working. It sounds as if he may still have some residual claudication from PAD but also an element of neuropathy. Diabetic control will help control the neuropathy and hopefully slow the progression of the PAD. Good luck!

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