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Petite Mals



My daughter was hit by a 4X drive gettingoffa school bus. Accident 4 years ago and she has never been right since.

She is vague, has a short term memory lost, daydreams untilk you touch her or call her name, soemtimes has tingle senations in one sid eo fher face. I have had a neorolgist look at her here in Canberra and she was not suffering from Pettie Mals byt migtranes and gave her elpilium to reduce the headaches but it didn`t stop th eheadaches but it stop her blackouts or what ever you want to call them. Her educatiuon has suferred and she is alwasy loosing her mobile phone. My daughter is now 19 and we are really looking for someone to help her and find out what is wrong with her. What do you recommand I should do or could you refer me to a docotor that speicailises in epilepsy in Australia?


I cannot provide a specific diagnosis online. Based on the symptoms you describe, it is possible that your daughter could be having seizures.

To have these symptoms properly diagnosed, you will need to see a health professional. You may want to contact the Epilepsy Australia organization for names of epilepsy specialists (www.epilepsyaustralia.net).

Please take the time to review the Epilepsy Foundation's website on seizure types (see below).

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