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Head and Neck Cancer

Salivary Gland Lump on Floor of Mouth



Hi I am just wondering if you could give me a little advice on where I should head next. I am 39yr old female with a small 3-4mm kinda firm but not hard round lump under floor of mouth under mucosa deep behind the bottom teeth. Been to the doctors who said it clincial feels like a cyst not cancer. He sent me to a specialist who thought it was a little unusual to have a lump there, but was 90% sure it was not cancer by the way it feels. I asked for it to be biopsied, but was told its to small. I went for a 2nd opinion by another specialist who said it was a salivary gland stone, but my doctor did not agree due to it not being that hard. My doctor who is quite certain by the way it feels said it is in the salivary duct (sublingual) and it is very small 3-4mm and totally movable and has not gotten any bigger in the last 6weeks said to wait and watch it before jumping in to having it removed. He still thinks its a cyst. My question is what should I do? I am at a loss. I am worried about it being a cancer even though its most likely not. But I heard it is rare to have a cyst in this spot. Please help as I am really worried. Regards.


Any lump of bump like this should be evaluated by an Otolaryngologist. It may be a stone in the duct or many other things. Seeing an ENT will be a great start.

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Yash J Patil, MD Yash J Patil, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati