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Taoist Sexual Practices



Dear Sirs,

I have been introduced lately to the taoist sexual practices (a book by Mantak Chia called the multiorgasmic man). I have found that all the exercises are very beneficial to vitalize the body and to prepare it for a better sexual experience. However, they advised to do sex or masturbation without ejaculation. Is it healthy to do so? or it might cause problems to my prostate gland, or to any part of my body! Thank you in advance.


Any sexual stimulation and education is healthy to your sexual life and enhances your pleasure. Having sex without ejaculation requires a lot of concentration and at times it is impossible unless drugs such as Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are used.

Stimulation without producing semen is not known to cause any adverse effect except for occasional pain in testicles known as “blue ball syndrome”.

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