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Women's Health

Black Blood on my Period



I am 32 yrs old,i started having black blood at the start of my period last month again this month its like that for about 2-4 days and then my period goes on for about 7-10 days can you give me some type of input



The color of menstrual blood is often concerning to women when it changes, but it probably is not a sign of anything worrisome. The color of the blood changes depending on how quickly the blood is coming out and how much it gets exposed to air before it is seen.

If the problem continues, please do not hesitate to voice your concern to your doctor. S/he will be able to evaluate you and tell you whether this should be a concern or not.

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Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN
Professor Emeritus
College of Nursing
The Ohio State University