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I have a rash in the middle of my chest that has come off and around the last year or so. At first I thought of maybe Hives, because the rash seemed to appear when I was stressed but would eventually go away. Over the last 6 months the rash has become painful and even oozing sometimes. I appears to be going deeper in my skin. I have seen my regular physician for this and she perscribed an antihistimine and steroid cream. I was told if it didn`t go away in 2 weeks to come back. I returned and she thought of doing a biopsy, but has elected to send me to a dermatologist. Could this possibly be an allergy? I do have asthma also.


Without seeing the rash, it is impossible to say what is causing it. However, I can suggest that symptoms on and off for two years in the same location could be a contact allergy. This occurs when something (metal, perfume, jewelry, etc) come into contact with an area repeatedly and cause a red, itchy rash. This should be discussed with the dermatologist.

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David  Hauswirth, MD David Hauswirth, MD
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