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Frequent exposure to allergen cause cancer?



Will frequent long-term exposure to a known allergen cause cancer? I have finally realized that the discomfort I feel from smoking marijuana is an allergy and not merely an irritation. At least I presume so because when I take a benedryl the symptoms diminish significantly.

I have recently lost 1/3 of my kidney due to a cancerous tumor. Did subjecting my body to an allergen (sometimes quite frequently) and my kidneys having to then attempt to filter that allergen potentially cause the cancer cells to develop?

I realize it`s pure speculation and wouldn`t take any answer as gospel but am suddenly very curious/worried/disappointed.

Would the frequent inflammation I have felt in my sinuses/nose/throat cause cancer cells to develop in the long-term? or is there no connection between allergens, inflammation, and cancer?

I appreciate any thoughts you may have. I know I should just never smoke/eat it anymore anyway but am suddenly quite scared :/



There is no evidence to support a relationship between allergies and kidney cancer.  There are some interesting epidemiologic studies currently being conducted about the relationship of allergies to certain brain tumors but it is too early to draw and conclusions one way or another.  Smoking is linked to bladder and kidney cancer which is a more likely explanation.

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