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Size Matters



Please help me !!!!!This has caused me to have very low self esteem I am 30 years old and still a virgin. I have had girlfriends in the past but I`m always to scared to take it a step further because I have an extremely small penis. It`s at least 3 maybe about 4 inches when erect - no more than that – and that is being generous. I`m wondering if this is this genetic. I have seen products to make you larger but I`m skeptical. I want to try an approach without using drugs.

I have read information that said using a pump could cause veins to rupture, to lose sensitivity and other serious penal problems. I have also heard that if set on a certain pressure it can increase your size and at the same time remain healthy. I want to increase my penis size and I`m willing to pay anything, but I don’t want surgery, to take drugs, or hurt my penis in the long run.

Would you even recommend a penis pump? And is there any natural penis vitamins and supplements you would recommend as far as performance and growth, etc., are concerned?


Sir, I have to tell you that you put too much emphasis on the size of the genital as you don’t even bring up your real feeling for the opposite sex. The size is not as important than the feelings, touch, look, smell and true love making. Ladies long for love not for size. Wake up and enjoy what you are dealt.

As for any enhancing agents or tool goes, I have a different view. I have operated on few patients who developed complications of such remedies. Best luck to your love life. Go forward and feel love rather than behave like lower mammals. We are more mature and sophisticated to think of primitive instinct.

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