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Lung diseases

Linear scar and3 mm nodule in lower left lung



Cough began in November, no illness. CT scan done in Late May. Do not cough as often now, just much harder. Ct found linear scar and 3mm nodule in lower left lung. Pulmonologist says to wait a year and redo the ct scan to compare. What is the normal course of treatment for this situation. I realize 3 mm is extremely small but I am a bit concerned about waiting a year to recheck. Thanks!


The 3 mm nodule may or may not be related to the cough. The timing of repeat CT can depend on a number of issues including risk factors for lung cancer (smoking, family history), results of prior CT scans (new nodule, stable nodule, or growing nodule), the appearance of the nodule (calcified or non-calcified), and the level of patient concern. For a new 3 mm nodule in a person with a smoking history, repeat CT in one year is appropriate. Follow-up with a lung cancer expert, such as a pulmonologist, is also appropriate.

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Michael F Reed, MD Michael F Reed, MD
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University of Cincinnati