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Diabetes & Prednisone



My 85 yr old husband, type 2 diabetic, is taking 40 mg Prednisone as part of a possible diagnosis of Giant cell arteritis. He monitors glucose at least 2x day. Yesterday before breakfast, 83, after 131; before dinner 153, 3 hrs later 118; this morning before breakfast 85. These readings are considerably lower than before new RX. He takes 2.5 mg Glyburide 2x day. We were told to expect spikes in his glucose reading but the opposite seems the case.


People can certainly differ in how their blood sugars respond to prednisone -the dose and the duration of therapy can make a difference.  It is also possible that the inflammation associated with the giant cell arteritis made his blood sugars worse and that treating that condition is helping - everybody is different - you have to start with a set of principles and guidelines and then see how they play out in each individual and ride with the punches - good luck!

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati