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Athletic Training

Mysterious elbow popping and clicking



Hi, I`m a 19 year old former football player who`s in pretty good shape. I little while back I had noticed when I would do push ups my elbows would make a popping feeling. More recently my elbows started popping when I would extend my arms. There is a little discomfort but no real pain. I read online that it could have been a vitamin D deficiency so I have been consuming more foods that have vitamin D. The popping started to go away when i extend my arm, it only pops if I extend my arm quickly. If I wrap my arm with sports tape when I do push ups or lift weights the popping almost completely goes away. I was wondering if any one had any thoughts on this? Thank you


Although it would be difficult to evaluate this condition without actually seeing it first hand, what you are describing sounds as if it is likely a soft tissue injury (overuse) to tendons surrounding the elbow.

It is important to have this evaluated by your personal physician, especially given the fact that you would like to remain active. Because this has been occuring for a long period of time, it is probably a good idea to begin with your doctor and hopefully start on a treatment and rehabilitation program that will allow you to continue the activites that you enjoy.

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