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Endometrial cells in my pap test



Hi, I`m 46 years old and a year ago I had to have the leep procedure done because of dysplasia. I just had a second pap test done and althought the results were negative, there are some endometrial cells present in the pap. When I had my pap test done my doctor also told me that I have eversion on the cervix. I am very concerned. I have long periods that last 10-12 days sometimes. Before I used to have periods that lasted 7 days. My menstrual cycles are no longer 28 days like they used to be before including the days of menstruating, now the cycles are 22-25 days. I don`t have heavy bleeding however like before, I used to bleed very heavy on the 2nd and 3rd days of my period, now it`s like spotting from the begining until the last couple of days of the period where there is more normal flow. Is all this due to the fact that I might be in the prememopausal stage? Should I be alarmed that there might be a problem? My doctor wants to do an endometrial biopsy, I know it must be painful and I know that I will not be able to remain calm and stay still for this procedure, what do you recomend that I do?


At your age, any endometrial cells found on a Pap smear warrants an evaluation with an endometrial biopsy. Your changes in bleeding may be due to the LEEP, but could also be a sign of impending menopause. Only a detailed history and physical exam by your physician can know for sure.

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