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Parkinson's Disease




I take 3 mirapex (1 mg) tablets a day. i take the first 1 at 7:30 AM along with 125 mg of stalevo. the 2nd mirapex at 1:45 PM and the 3rd at 8:30 PM along with my 4th stalevo. is this a good regimen ? My Neuro has told me to work out my own schedule. I take a total pf 4 stalevo a day @7:30 AM, 11:30, 3:00PM and 8:30 PM. any help will be greatly appreciated. 


This forum is not intended for specific medical advice or treatment. Every patient has different symptoms and requires a tailored treatment regime.

Mirapex is typically dosed either three or four times a day. Levodopa (including Stalevo) is best dosed at least 3 or more times a day to allow for smooth control of motor symptoms. There is no specific indication for taking both Mirapex along with Stalevo except for convenience.

Levodopa is best taken prior to meals, and at least 45 minutes before or after protein-rich foods. Mirapex is often taken with food to lessen upset stomach.

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