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Breast Cancer

Small Red Spot on Right Breast



I have been dealing with a red area around the areola of my breast for the past 4-6 weeks. It`s not around all the areola just on the left side of it in one small area. It`s just on one breast - the right one. I have visited my doctor and she first gave me a hydrocortisone cream for 2 wks which didn`t do much..she then gave me a mixture of hydrocortisone and nyra cream (I think it was called that) for 2 weeks...that started to improve but some but now she has me using lamisil cream for the next 2 weeks. I do see some improvement--the red area as lightened up. The red area was never itching or flaky or raised. It was just there, it didn`t hurt, etc. I`ve just been concerned about Paget`s disease and wanted to get your opinion as to whether you think that problem could be related to Paget`s disease or if because the area is lightening up with use of the cream that that would rule out Paget`s disease or even IBC. I`m very concerned over this and just wanted a medical opinion before I have to go back to my doctor next week. This has been keeping me up nighttime (not from pain or discomfort but from worry). I would appreciate your opinion and thoughts.


It doesn't sound like Paget's disease, but it's hard to know without seeing it.  That usually involves the nipple rather than being next to it and tends to look more like eczema.  There could be some kind of superficial skin infection.  Seeing a dermatologist may be helpful, and a biopsy could always be performed.

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Doreen M Agnese, MD Doreen M Agnese, MD
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College of Medicine
The Ohio State University