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Digestive Disorders

Pain In My Upper Stomach & Burping



Dear NetWellness, Thanks for this great websie of health information. I want ask about gastro problem. 4 months ago I did surgery reimplantation ureter left side (because reflux problem). After the operation, I always had burp and relieve the gas in stomach when the gas out. This concurrently with discomfort in upper left stomach and feels like heartburn. Can you help me identify the cause of this problem? Thanks


You have symptoms suggestive of acid reflux that you can initiate treatment with OTC PPIs like Prilosec or Prevacid. You also may have gastroparesis that accounts for the belching. Before you do anything you should see your PCP or a Gastroenterologist.

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Prakash  Gatta, MD Prakash Gatta, MD
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