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Select an artificial limb



Dear Sir,

I`m an above knee amputee using conventional prosthesis from last 18 yrs. I`m 33yrs old, weighing 65kgs. Now I would like to shift to a limb that includes advanced technology. My problem is I couldn`t decide what r the factors to choose a knee joint that would suit my requirements? I`m not working, nor an athlete. I want a prosthesis that would provide me perfect gait, even on slopes,would consume less energy and prevent me getting exhausted even for less distances.... ....I`m in a dilemma to select such a knee joint and foot piece bec` there are many choices. ....Please help me in this regard


Determining whether a different prosthesis comprised of different components (not only the knee component, but also, the ankle/foot components, socket design, torque absorbers, etc.) would significantly enhance your function needs to be based on a full medical and prosthetic history and physical examination, as well as consultation with your prosthetist and a physician with expertise in prosthetic rehabilitation, as well as your medical insurance.

By "advanced technology", you are probably referring to microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee units, of which there are currently several options available. In addition, technological advances have resulted in the availability of a large number of prosthetic feet that provide "dynamic response" and multiaxis capability to accommodate uneven walking surfaces.

Whether these options would be appropriate for and benefit you can be determined based on a consultation between you and your prosthetist and physician.

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University