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Lung diseases

granuloma in the lungs through chest xray



Hi! im 25 years old and currently working in a hospital. I had my annual physical examination and my chest x-ray result consider granuloma,i had ct scan of chest and shows it in the peripheral area of my right upper lobe it measure 5mm x 7mm.. the radiologist told me i should monitor it have ct scan every 2 months, should i worry about it? I`m not a smoker,is it possible i acquired it from my patients?Should I seek a Pulmonologist at once?Is there any treatment for this, i have plan to work to other countries will this affect my medical examination?Is it also contagious to other people i talk or mingle with? I`m confuse and scared right now?I hope you could give me answers..


The answers to your questions truly depend upon the underlying cause of the abnormality. In general terms, a granuloma is a benign (usually calcified) nodule in the lungs which can be caused by prior infection, exposure to irritating substances, or other things such as sarcoidosis. The size of the abnormality on your CT is small and too little to biopsy or evaluate with PET scan. Although it is probably not anything to worry about given your otherwise low risk, it is important to follow it with repeat CT scans. Only after it has been deemed stable (i.e., not enlarging) over time can it truly be deemed benign. There is no need for urgent evaluation by a pulmonologist, but you should establish care with one in the near future so that the appropriate follow-up studies can be arranged.

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