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Where are my permanent teeth?



I`m 17 and i don`t have all my permanent teeth yet. My Orthodontist doesn`t give me any answers on what could be wrong with me and my mouth. For two and a half years now I`ve heard nothing but just wait. Do i have a slow erupting teeth disorder or are my teeth just being stubborn. I really want some type of answer. It`s already hard knowing that my senior photos are going to with a closed smile along with my prom and graduation pictures. I`m not really for sure if there is a way to speed them up or I`m just going to have to wait on them. Either way i don`t want to be thirty with braces. Can someone give me some type of answer that would really calm my worries.


You cannot speed up slow eruption unless there are some teeth blocking others from erupting. Your orthodontist should be able to make a calculated guess as to when to treat your problem so you should ask how long he/she thinks you will have to wait. Often, radiographs (x-rays) taken over a period of time will add information.

Remember that it is better to wait without braces on the teeth than to be waiting for teeth to erupt after you have started. Also, photographers today can morph out certain things so this might be something you could look into.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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