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Prednisone Side Effects After Heart Transplant



I am a heart transplant recipient (11/8/08) and am currently tapering off of prednisone. I am on 4 mg and will probably go down to 3 mg for 6 weeks and gradually decrease until I am off of it completely. My question involves anxiety and tremors. I am a musician and when performing, I have experienced shaking and some sweating. I have never done this before – is this because of the prednisone? If so, how do I cope with it? Will it go away when I am completely off of the drug? I am considering taking a small dosage of Propanol (if my doctor permits) before the next time I perform. It was prescribed in the past and it worked very well. Thanks!


This is an issue that should definitely be discussed with the physician who manages your heart transplant medications and follow-up appointments. It is unlikely that these symptoms are caused by the prednisone at such low doses. Your symptoms are relatively general, and may be caused by different factors, including anxiety. 

The use of a beta-blocking drug like propranolol may not be ideal due to the effects it may have on your heart, especially since you are most likely already on a beta-blocker. It also will not affect any sweating associated with performing.

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