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Digestive Disorders

Stomach Problems



I had a baby about two months ago. I gained a lot of weight and had gestational diabetes. About a month after I had him I started having pain in the upper right side of my stomach. At first it was sharp and stabbing, now it is dull. It comes and goes at random times but usually will happen after I eat. Also after I eat I will get a stomach ache. Sometimes I have cramps like I am going to start my period, but it never comes. I just started NuvaRing, so I`m not sure if the cramps are related to the stomach pain. I have also had a horrible sore throat with a fever for two weeks now. My strep tests keep coming back negative. My doctor gave me 10 days of keflex which makes my stomach hurt even more, and is not helping my sore throat. I was thinking I could have gallstones, but my doctor doesn`t really care. is there anything I could try to relieve the pain? I`ve tried things like tylenol and motrin but the pain only responds to norco.


Typically many women develop gallbladder problems either before or after delivery.  Your right sided symptoms sound very suspicious for gallbladder disease, either stones or otherwise.  I recommend you see a primary care doctor and get them to order a right upper quadrant ultrasound.  As far as the Nuva ring is concerned I am not well versed in that so cannot speak to its side effects.

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