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Pulmonary Fibrosis

Right upper lobe infiltrate



I never had experienced hard coughing or whatever that concerning the lungs. Because of my job application abroad I have to undergo medical examination, with the x-ray findings: noted to have right upper lobe infiltrate, made me stay. I went to the pulmonologist to ask for help, he gave me medication for 6 months, i`ve been taking the medicine for 3 months now could i expect a better result in a few months? Is there any other medication that could make me better sooner so I can leave the country? Is there any other way that it will be gone or only a miracle?


Many conditions can cause an upper lobe infiltrate including infections such as tuberculosis, scars, and cancers. You should start by asking the pulmonologist what the cause of the infiltrate is. Because tuberculosis is typically treated with antibiotics for 6 months, TB may be the suspected condition.

Many countries do have restrictions about granting visas to persons with active communicable infections such as tuberculosis. If you have tuberculosis, then you should find out whether it is a drug-resistant strain or not and then check with the immigration department of the country that you will be moving to about that country's rules and regulations about immigration requirements and tuberculosis.

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