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My period is lighter than normal



Im 15 years old whos never has sexual intercourse; i was worried for 2 weeks that i was pregnant. My bf came to see me and touched me around the vagina. but he never went inside. I have a double lineing in my underwear and his fingers were underneath it while he was rubbing. he said he might have not washed his hands, and he masturbated 2-3 hours before he saw me and touched me.. Today the 29 i got my period or so i think. It not comming down as heavy as usual. Its very light and bright red and drips alot when i got pee. I clots but i dont know why its light when normally its very heavy. Not only that my period was supposed to come on the 26 but was 3 days late. Is it possible that i am pregnant. Am i just worrying to much. I have been under alota steess lately cause of the pregnacy worry. I dont know. im even panickying about the lighter period. Am i pregnant? and why is my period light.


It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. Periods may normally vary in flow and length for many reasons, one of which is stress. Since you were so worried about being pregnant, that could be why your period was different. Three days difference is not really "late."

Now then, if you are engaging in sexual activity, you should seriously consider some form of birth control so that you don't have to worry like this. Please talk to a health care provider.

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