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My daughter fell roller skating 4 years ago and broke her two front top teeth. They both have had root canals and bonding. The ortho feels that with braces they should be ok that he will put brackets around them for extra strength. My main concern is that when they start adjusting and moving will that injure those front teeth at all? And move the root? He said there is a risk for root resportion even woth out braces. He said he will do it slow and careful. I am so afraid that after all we have been though it may be worse. She has been through alot and has been made fun of all the time and just turned 13. All I need is for her front teeth to get loose and fall out. I agreed to the braces but and very scared for her. Any advise?


Your orthodontist is correct in that resorbtion can occur when teeth are severely damaged even without orthodontics. The key here is regular tooth root radiographs (x-rays) at a minimum of every six months.

I would still proceed with the orthodontics. The worst case scenario is that they may have to be extracted, but the orthodontics would improve the future location of implants. Good question. I hope this eases your mind.

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