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Sports Medicine

Ankle stiffness/pain



Hi,I am a 34 year old woman 5 ft, 118lbs active (I golf use elyptical walk etc), a month ago I started a very gradual 8 week pre-training to get to a real 8 week training for a 10k run in October. I started my week 4 which was walk for 2 mins run for 5mins repeat 4 times, was doing well but this particular week started using a treadmill instead of running outside. Noticed after th esecond time using the TM that my outside ankle was stiff, especially coming down stairs. At day 5 of using the TM I went shopping and walked around for 3hrs and in that time I started to feel pain and was limping (that was this past Fri). Now it feels like a mild sprain but I know I didn`t sprain it. I bought proper shoes that day (I have high arches and was using running shoes that probably weren`t proper the guy at the store said that may be why my ankle is sore.)I haven`t ran since (so three days now) it is still hard to walk on 100% normally and still stiff when going down stairs, I am icing it etc...not sure what to do or when I should start running again. I am really dissapointed becuase my training was going so well and I don`t want to stop for too long..there is no swelling or bruising...help! :)


I would recommend seeing a physical therapist.  A PT can assess your shoe ware and make sure your running form is correct.

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