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Spine and Back Health

Is This a Problem That Will Need Surgery



RAD EXAM: L-Spine MRI // Findings The alignment within the sagittal plane appears in normal limits. There are degenerative endplate marrow signal changes at L4-5. No other marrow signal abnormalities are identified. The conus appears to be at level of L-1. L1-L2 no assoc. ligamentation flavum hypertophy or facet osteoarthritis noted at this level. L2-L3 There is diffuse,broad-based disk bulging at this level w/assoc. mild ligamentation flavum hypertrophy but no evidence of significant facet arthrophy. disk bulging does result in moderate effacement of anterior thecal sac & when assoc. w/the ligamentum flavum hypertrophy results in severe central canal stenosis and severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. L3-4 level: broad based disk bulging/difused ligamentation flavum hypertrophy/ results in severe central canal stenosis & severe neural foraminal stenosis. L4-5 Loss of disk height & signal/mild diffuse broadbased disk bulging assoc. w/mod. ligamentum flavum hypertrropy and severe facet arthropathy on right/results in severe central canal stenosis & severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.L5-S1 There is a small,focal,central disk protrusion at this level resulting in moderate anterial thecal sac. These w/ the diffuse ligamentum flavum hypertrophy & mild bilateral facet anthropathy (right greater than left in all cases) results in severe cental canal stenosis and severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. 2 follow-up questions: 1st will this continue to get worse causeing more damage? 2nd Will doing exercises for the lower back fix this or will surgery be needed at some time?


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