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Are permanent retainers the way to go?



I just got my braces off and my orthodontist gave me a removable retainer. I really dont like it but he reccommended it. Is there any really big setback to having a permanent retainer or does it just depend on the person who`s getting it?


There are two approach. One is removable, which permits easy flossing and can be taken out when eating. The other is usually a bonded lingual (tongue side) wire that is bonded to the back of the teeth. The advantage is that you don't have to remember to place it in the mouth. The disadvantage is that the bonding often breaks during the chewing process and they are somewhat more difficult to floss around. I suggest you discuss with your orthodontist as to why he prefers one over the other. I hope this helps.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
Professor Emeritus - Clinical, Associate of Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University