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Kidney Diseases

Night Kidney Pain



I`m a 44 year old male. For 1 year I`ve been waking up with severe kidney pain on my right side. I used to rollover and the pain would subside. the doctor did an ultrasound and found nothing.  Said it was muscle-related. Recently it`s been waking me up and the pain is not going away for an hour or so! I`ve had stones in the past and the pain is the same. I know the difference just in type and severity of the pain. I even vomited. Any ideas? I don`t want to see a specialist behind my doctor`s back.


Possibilities are Kidney stones, Loin-Pain-Hematuria syndrome. Please discuss these conditions with your kidney doctor (nephrologist).

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Ganesh  Shidham, MD Ganesh Shidham, MD
Associate Professor of Nephrology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University