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Eye and Vision Care

Lens implant



What type of lens implant is best for cataract surgery?


The intraocular lens replaces the eye's own lens and vision following cataract surgery is usually very good. A growing number of implants are available for cataract patients. The traditional lens is a single focus lens that provides distance vision. Usually reading glasses are required. Multifocal lenses are available that offer simultaneous distance and near vision. There may be some small loss in the quality of vision particularly under low lighting and contrast conditions. Finally, there are lenses that are designed to change their focus, mimicking a young eye's natural ability to adjust. The extent to which the lenses allow the patient to change focus may vary. All of the above options have advantages and disadvantages that are best discussed with your doctor.

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Mark  Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD
College of Optometry
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