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Athletic Training

Distal bicep tear



i recently tore my bicep while performing my job as a police officer. I am a novice weight lifter. I work out 4-5 times a week. My questions are: What is the average recovery time for someone with a distal bicep tear? Also are there any supplements that I can take to speed up the recovery time. What type of exercises should I perform after surgery? Thanks for your help.


Your recovery time will be dependent on the type of surgery performed and the type of activities that you want to pursue after surgery. Typically, a major musculotendonous repair like you are describing has a 6-9 month recovery time. Your post-surgical exercises will be determined by your surgeon in conjunction with your therapist or athletic trainer. The first goal will be to restore motion to the joint, then strength, then sport-specific function; with each phase leading into the next. Obviously, heavy weight lifting will be allowed only after clearance from your physician.  There are no supplements that I would recommend to speed this process.  A well-balanced diet and maintaining your cardiovascular fitness will certainly be helpful in getting you back to activity as soon as possible.

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