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Infection in semen



My Semen analysis reads following: Count = 64 mn/ml Motility = 65% Immotile = 35% Viscousity = viscous Pus cells = 1 - 2 / HPF RBC = absent Epithelial cells = 0 - 2 / hpf Spermatids = 0 - 2 / hpf Salivanoffs test (fructose test) - Positive

Whenever I have relation with my wife without using protection, she has itching & mild pain near vaginal opening. We had taken an infection curing course - FAS 3 Kit before 20 days. Then undergoen IUI which was not positive. Does this indicate that I have infection in semen? What shall be the treatment & does this sign indicate of not conceiving?


Your semen analysis suggests stress pattern. This is due in part to several male factors, one of which could be varicocele. Also there is no mention of sperm morphology which is the most important factor in semen quality. Vaginal itching suggests yeast or fungal infection. Poor vaginal environment also can be hostile to sperm. You need to see a urologist interested in male fertility and your wife should seek an andrologist.

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