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Vaginal discharge



I have rather heavy vaginal discharge, heavily staining my panties on a daily basis and it gets heavier when I`m about to have my menstrual cycles. The doctor says it`s just heavier than usual and probably nothing to be worried about...though it occasionally produces odor and itch. I wonder if emotional stress can result in this, as I suffer from major depression? My menstrual cycles are also very abnormal - I can never predict when it will come (sometimes once in two months) or how long it will last (up to 5 weeks) or the amount. I was on hormones on and off for about a year, but nothing worked.


While stress can't directly effect a woman's normal vaginal discharge, it can effect your cycles (as can some psychiatric medications) which can make them irregular. Irregular cycles can lead to break through bleeding/spotting which can lead to abnormal discharge. Since it doesn't seem like an infection, the first order of business would be to get the cycles regular and then see what the discharge does.

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