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Kidney Diseases

Stable Kidney Disease



I am a female, 59 years with newly diagnosed CKD stage 3. Blood test shows GRF 53 creatinine 1.1 Bun 28. 24 hour urine Creatinine Clearance done a few weeks after Blood work shows GFR 59 and creatinine 1.2.

My question is whether I can acheive stable disease?I realize it does depend on the cause but is there such a thing as permenant stable disease? Mostly it states that there will always be progression. But, every now and then I see where it says that stable disease can be acheived/progression actually halted or stopped. It`s confusing.

I understand that many, if not most will progress but is there a percentage that does not progress if managed very well? And perhaps they can last for 25 years or so without dialysis or transplant. I`m looking for a little hope here I guess. Having CKD seems like such a frightening prospect. Thank you...I look forward to your answer.


Well, you are right: whether or not there's progression depends a lot on the actual cause of the CKD.  If the cause is diabetes, then it will most likely progress.  If the cause is hypertension, then it could be stable for a long, long time (as in decades).  Regardless of the cause, the progression of kidney disease can be slowed down by keeping the blood sugar well-controlled (if there is diabetes), keeping the blood pressure well-controlled, keeping cholesterol controlled, and not smoking.  So check with your doctor for the cause of your disease, be careful to follow your diet and take medications faithfully, and do not smoke!

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