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Crushed and fracture of T12 vertabrae



Have fallen of 7ft ladder result crushed vertabrae and fracture of t12 fracture of coccyc long section and cracked rib Its been three weeks How long is recovery, and should I do anything that may help recovery. At this point can only stand for about 15min at a time and still cannot sit down


It takes bone at least 8 weeks to heal but your coccyx will probably hurt a lot longer (a year or two) because it bears your weight when you sit.

There is nothing specific to make yourself heal faster. Just the normal eat right (the bones need nutrients to heal), get lots of rest (sleep deprivation does not help anything), and do not re-injure yourself.

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Tammy S Wadsworth, PT MS OCS Tammy S Wadsworth, PT MS OCS
Sports Medicine Team Member
Clinical Instructor at The School of Allied Medical Professions
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University